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Philip Layfield Managing Partner
Managing Partner
Mr. Philip Layfield has been practicing law since 1999 and he is the Managing Partner at Layfield &a...
Joseph Barrett Partner
Joseph M. Barrett has been practicing law since 1989 and is a Partner at Layfield & Barrett. W...
Los Angeles
Terry Bailey Managing Attorney California
Managing Attorney California
Terry R. Bailey serves as Managing Attorney - California at Layfield & Barrett and specializes...
Los Angeles
Shane Gosdis Managing Attorney Utah, Arizona, Colorado and Director of Mass Torts
Managing Attorney Utah, Arizona, Colorado and Director of Mass Torts
Shane is the Managing Attorney Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and Director of Mass Torts at Layfield &...
Todd Wakefield Director of Litigation/General Counsel
Director of Litigation/General Counsel
Mr. Wakefield serves as General Counsel and the Director of Litigation at Layfield & Barrett. Li...
Christopher Blanchard Senior Counsel
Senior Counsel
Christopher Blanchard serves as Senior Counsel at Layfield & Barrett. He graduated magna cum ...
Los Angeles
Slav Kasreliovich Senior Counsel
Senior Counsel
Slav Kasreliovich serves as Senior Counsel at Layfield & Barrett and specializes in representing...
Los Angeles
Aaron Lavine Senior Counsel
Senior Counsel
Aaron M. Lavine began his working for prominent Los Angeles plaintiffs’ trial attorneys and he is ...
Los Angeles
Michael Medina Senior Counsel
Senior Counsel
Mr. Medina, an Arizona native, grew up in the small mining community of Bagdad, Arizona. After gradu...
Jonathan Teller Senior Counsel
Senior Counsel
Jon C. Teller serves as Senior Counsel with Layfield & Barrett. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. T...
Los Angeles
Te’Aira Law  Associate
Te’Aira Law serves as an Associate Attorney at Layfield & Barrett’s Orange County office. Sh...
Orange County

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